KIDS Environmentalist Micro 6.5"

Starfish #10525407-STARFSH

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La KIDS Environmentalist Micro couleur Starfish est disponible en taille 6.5" x 27.25" x 11"WB. Comme pour les grands, les planches Kids Environmentalist sont fabriquées avec le meilleur bois d'érable. Le "hard rock" est un bois de qualité qui apporte non seulement une durée de vie allongée à votre skate, mais aussi un flex exceptionnel.
Les plateaux des Kids Environmentalist ont une courbure médium. Le nose et tail sont bien relevés alors qu'au milieu du plateau les bords ne sont pas trop élevés. Ce concave médium absorbe bien les vibrations pour des sensations de glisse tranquille et stable. La technologie Resin-7 (7 feuilles d'érable et résine Epoxy) est utilisé pour assembler les plateaux. Les planches Kids Environmentalist sont ainsi légères et durables. Pour chaque arbre coupé, nous en plantons trois.
Ce skateboard est monté avec des trucks 4.25" Tensor alloy équipés de gommes bien souples adaptés aux jeunes, des roues 51mm 95a et un grip en caoutchouc recyclé. 

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  • Matières

    • 6.5” x 27.25” X 11”WB 

    • Recycled Rubber Grip

    • Resin-7 hard rock maple

    • 4.25” Tensor alloy trucks 

    • Globe Abec-7 bearings

    • 51mm 95a wheels

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  • Garantie

    Globe skate decks are guaranteed against manufacturing faults and regular usage breakage for 30 days from proof of purchase.

    Globe cruiser and longboards decks are guaranteed against manufacturing faults and regular usage breakage for 90 days from proof of purchase.

    Slant and Tensor skateboard trucks are guaranteed against manufacturing faults and regular usage breakage for the life of the product.

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Our range of youth completes offer quality components for groms of all ages and skill sets. 


Key Features

Recycled Rubber Grip

What happens to worn out shoes and car tires at the end of their lifecycle? In most cases, they become landfill, never really breaking down, destinated to sit in a pile on this earth for millenia. In this case... they become a more environmentally sustainable approach to griptape and EVA foam. Featured as replacement to virgin materials, and prominently on kids boards to get them thinking about what happens to things when we're done using them early on.

Tensor Alloy Standard Trucks

Standard trucks typically used on models less than 34" long. These trucks are guaranteed for life.

Performance Wheels

Globe's high-rebound urethane formulas are abrasion resistant, smoother, faster, and provide excellent grip. Standard on every complete, Globe Abec-7 bearings spin faster and longer which means less effort and faster.


As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium skateboards, we use a significant amount of wood in our production. In order to off-set the timber we use to construct our skateboards, our goal is to engage in forestry efforts that replace far more than we consume.

To that effect, we have partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to donate to their tree-planting program. Globe’s yearly donations to the NFF help plant more than three times the amount of trees we harvest annually in making our skateboards.

The NFF is a United States non-profit organisation that launched an ambitious campaign to plant 50 million trees across public National Forests between 2018 and 2023. The NFF partners with the United States Forest Service to target National Forests impacted by wildfire, pests and other disturbances. Globe is proud to be making a contribution towards that effort.


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